Charleston SC DUI lawyer News for October 30 2017

Charleston & Mt. Pleasant, SC

Any DUI charge is a tough legal matter in most cases. Were you charged with a felony DUI after being stopped at a roadblock checkpoint? Even if police cited poor outcomes for your field sobriety tests or breath test, Felony DUI attorneys at Drennan Law Firm offer a detailed case review and evaluation at the first consultation with no further obligation. We handle tough felony DUI cases – and have reached many notable victories for our clients. What Can You Expect from Drennan Law Firm?An in-depth investigation of all facts. Did you agree to take a breath test or blood test with full disclosure of your right to an attorney? A felony DUI case is no simple matter, nor is it a matter to entrust to a firm that only dabbles in DUI defense. At Drennan Law Firm, our attorneys are current and knowledgeable in South Carolina DUI laws. We handle a case from start to finish, and have an excellent track record in all types of DUI cases. When a case requires an appeal, we handle our own appellate work – and often wins upon appeal before the South Carolina Court of Appeals or the South Carolina Supreme Court. While many firms farm this work out to other firms, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to protect our clients at all levels of South Caronlia courts. We are even prepared to take felony cases to the United States Supreme Court if necessary. Drennan Law Firm reaches out to clients throughout the South Carolina Low Country from law offices in the Charleston area.

Charleston Criminal Defense Lawyer, SC

An arrest or serious personal injury, can change the course of your life. After all it makes sense to sought out help from a professional when you’re facing professional issues. Talk to a Charleston criminal defense lawyer if you have been arrested for a crime. Client Centered Approach – The legal system can be confusing and overwhelming. I understand that and am here to guide you through the process, explain any options available to you, and advise you when making decisions to obtain the best possible resolution. I feel it is important to have a collaborative relationship with my clients and I will encourage you to actively participate your case. My clients work one-on-one with me so I can respond to your individual needs and customize a solution to fit your particular situation. When needed, I can retain a professional network of support including investigators, experts, or medical professionals to assist in the development of your case or defense. I represent clients in the lowcountry and throughout the state of South Carolina. I have handled over 2,000 cases and have taken both major and minor cases to trial, including some Notable Cases. Should your case need to go to trial, I have the experience and knowledge to properly handle it in court. I am conveniently located near the Ravenel Bridge in Mt. Pleasant.

North Charleston DUI-DWI Lawyer

INFORMED CONSENTAn agreement to do something or to allow something to happen, made with complete knowledge of all relevant facts, such as the risks involved or any available al…. An agreement to do something or to allow something to happen, made with complete knowledge of all relevant facts, such as the risks involved or any available alternatives. A patient may give informed consent to medical treatment only after the healthcare professional has disclosed all possible risks involved in accepting or rejecting the treatment. A healthcare provider or facility may be held responsible for an injury caused by an undisclosed risk. In another context, a person accused of committing a crime cannot give up his constitutional rights-for example, to remain silent or to talk with an attorney-unless and until he has been informed of those rights, usually via the well-known Miranda warnings.

Welcome To Phipps Law Firm

Charleston DUI Attorney Edward L. Phipps is a former DUI officer who now represents individuals and families throughout Charleston and surrounding counties in South Carolina. They support individuals and families in the areas of automobile accidents, personal injury, business law and litigation, family law, DUI, and criminal defense cases. With a reputation for their experience handling DUI cases, you will appreciate the detailed attention provided to your case as well as legal skills, knowledge, customer service, and a winning attitude. If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, your best protection is a Charleston DUI attorney with experience. Charleston DUI Attorney Edward L. Phipps, a former traffic officer, knows the ins and outs of DUI cases. With an in-depth understanding of DUI detection methods, and how they can prove or disprove a case, our firm has the knowledge to fight for you. With years of experience in DUI enforcement, as well as defense and prosecution, Charleston DUI Attorneys at the Phipps Law Firm have devised five concepts that explain the process of DUI cases: 1) The “You”, 2) The “Impaired Driving”, 3) The “Field Sobriety Tasks”, 4) The “Blood Alcohol Content”, and 5) The “Defense Lawyer”. These key concepts help you learn, understand, and appreciate the challenging process of getting a successful outcome to a DUI case. Our strategy for helping you fight your case is to identify, separate, and analyze with technical precision each aspect of your case. Most people don’t realize that there is much more to any DUI case than the information an officer uses when deciding to make an arrest. Because there is pressure in the form of incentives, statistics and hype surrounding drunk driving, an officer may be very aggressive when deciding to charge a driver with a DUI. If you have been charged with a DUI, you should hire a lawyer with the knowledge, experience and proven track record for successfully defending DUI’s in the state. With Charleston DUI Attorney Edward L. Phipps, you’ll work with an experienced attorney who will aggressively fight on your behalf. The Phipps Firm will give you the support of a professional team dedicated to proving your innocence. The Phipps Firm is conveniently located in historic downtown Charleston, near Mount Pleasant.

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