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Paul R. Thurmond was born in Greenwood, S.C., the youngest son of Senator Strom Thurmond and Nancy Moore Thurmond. A native of Aiken, South Carolina, Paul Thurmond graduated from Aiken High School and earned an athletic scholarship to Vanderbilt University. While at Vanderbilt, Thurmond was a four year letterman on the tennis team, achieving national ranking and serving as team captain his senior year. Upon graduation from Vanderbilt, Thurmond worked in Washington, D.C. for Republican Senator Fred Thompson on the Governmental Affairs Committee, the watchdog group for all federal government programs. Upon returning to South Carolina, Thurmond worked on the House Judiciary Committee under Chairman Jim Harrison and was appointed head law clerk. Thurmond received his law degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law and was elected Chairman of the Honor Council by his peers while in law school. Upon graduation, Thurmond worked for three years as an Assistance Solicitor in Charleston County, prosecuting violent gun crimes. In August of 2005, Mr. Thurmond joined long-time friends Jesse Kirchner and Michael Timbes in forming the law firm of Thurmond Kirchner & Timbes, P.A. located in the historic district of downtown Charleston. Mr. Thurmond, who handles both criminal and civil matters, has previously led the firm’s criminal defense practice and has successfully defended large drug crime cases, federal white-collar crime cases, and murder cases, in addition to numerous other criminal offenses. In November 2006, Mr. Thurmond was elected by nearly 60 percent of the vote to Charleston County Council. In December of 2010, Mr. Thurmond accepted the job as a part-time prosecutor for the city of North Charleston, handling predominantly DUI cases. During his time as a municipal prosecutor Mr. Thurmond tried numerous cases and disposed of nearly 800 DUI’s.

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South Carolina DUI Enforcement Awards

South Carolina continues to provide incentives for law enforcement to make as many DUI arrests as possible without reference to the quality of the cases that they make. South Carolina Department of Public Safety has a list here of the winners of the 12th Annual DUI Enforcement Recognition and 2016 Law Enforcement DUI Challenge, where law enforcement officers are rewarded based on the total number of DUI arrests they made during the calendar year. S.C. Highway Patrol Troop 5, which includes Horry, Georgetown, and Marion Counties among others, received the “Highway Patrol Troop of the Year” award for making 2,695 DUI arrests in 2016. The 15th circuit law enforcement network, which includes Horry and Georgetown Counties, received the “South Carolina Law Enforcement Network” DUI award for 2016. Myrtle Beach Police Department received the “Agency of the Year” award for making 401 DUI arrests in 2016. South Carolina’s law enforcement leadership is incentivizing “DUI arrests,” without any concern for the quality of those arrests and whether they lead to a conviction. They have created a “Gaming” atmosphere for some law enforcement officers who know that they will be rewarded based solely on the number of arrests they make. The officer will be rewarded the same whether they make 100 arrests of drunk drivers or 100 arrests of innocent persons. Cobb County, Georgia police officer Tracy Carroll is a trained DRE who has repeatedly arrested and jailed motorists who had no alcohol in their system and who also passed drug tests. How many more have been convicted or forced into guilty pleas when DRE-trained officers made bad arrests and shoddy cases against innocent motorists? This year, Cobb County was given a trophy by MADD for the number of arrests their officers made in 2016, and the Cobb County Drug Whisperer, officer Tracy Carroll, was given a silver medal for making 90 DUI arrests in 2016. “He’s getting an award for just arrests,” Mbamara said.

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Drug Rehab Charleston SC 410-4190 Alcohol Treatment centers

Treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism at Drug Rehab Charleston SC covers how the addict developed this addictive habit and how to understand the aspects of what happens to the body with continued exposure to these addictive substances. It is never too late to join a recovery program at Drug Rehab Charleston SC. The benefits the addict will find with substance abuse treatment includes learning new values or going back to those positive behaviors before the addiction first started. The individual in recovery and his or her family should consider the following when talking to addiction specialists at a Drug Rehab Charleston SC:. What types of treatment options are available? These may include in-patient, outpatient, and behavioral therapy. Alcohol and drug addiction follow similar paths and have the same negative effects to the addict’s health and well-being. Call 410-4190 for the help you need in finding a drug rehab facility that meets all of your needs. Ongoing Care – how you will manage once you leave drug rehab and detox. The duration of your drug detox and rehab will depend on how you manage through each step of your recovery. About Charleston, SC. Charleston, South Carolina is situated in the same county as its name. Metropolitan statistics extend the geographical area to include Berkeley and Dorchester Counties as well as Charleston County. The Southern dialect or draw you’ll hear quickly reminds you of the rich history of Charleston during the Civil War when Charleston was not part of the Union any longer, reminding residents of the loyalty to the south. To find out more about your treatment options call Drug Rehab Charleston SC at 410-4190. You’ll come to Charleston for the Southern charm and stay for the amazing weather with mild winters and warm to hot summers which are celebrated with festivals, art shows, historical sites and several sports teams including soccer, minor league baseball, and rugby.

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