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The Rights of a South Carolina Driver Regarding DUI Stops

Video: Sen. Paul Campbell smiled when victim’s mother said DUI could have caused death

When a crash victim’s mother said during a bond hearing that state Sen. Paul Campbell’s actions could have killed her daughter, the lawmaker cracked a smile, a video of the proceeding showed. Campbell, chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee and chief executive of the Charleston County Aviation Authority, is accused of driving drunk Saturday night when his car rear-ended another on Interstate 26 near Goose Creek. No one was seriously injured, but Campbell’s alleged handling of the episode prompted some observers on Monday to call for his resignation. Others, including airport officials, said the Goose Creek Republican first deserves a fair chance to prove the innocence he has professed. Charleston-area prosecutors with close ties to Campbell cited a possible conflict of interest and forwarded the case to the S.C. Attorney General’s Office for review.

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South Carolina Department of Public Safety

SOBER OR SLAMMER. Don’t drink and drive. You’ve heard this message from law enforcement hundreds of times, but has it really hit home? Nearly half of all fatal crashes in South Carolina involve an impaired driver. Too many people are still taking risks that lead to their own death or the loss of an innocent life nearly every day right here in our state. Sober or Slammer? It’s not just a campaign slogan. Before you make that choice, think about this: Who would you leave behind if you were killed in a drunk driving collision? Whose life would you selfishly take if you lived through the crash? If you survive, you’ll have plenty of time to think about your choice behind bars. Impaired drivers are on the radar of South Carolina law enforcement. Nearly 22,000 DUI arrests were made in South Carolina last year. Which choice will you make when you drive Sober or Slammer?

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Orangeburg County magistrate crashes, charged with DUI

A veteran Orangeburg County magistrate has been charged with driving under the influence after his vehicle crashed Thursday night. The crash occurred as Gillens was traveling westbound on Interstate 26 in a 2013 Cadillac at about 7:30 p.m. At around the 211 mile marker, he ran off the road to the left, struck the median wall then came back across the interstate before side-swiping a 2017 Ford and finally ending up in a ditch, Jones said. He was charged with driving under the influence, Jones said. Orangeburg County Chief Magistrate Robert Clariday could not be reached for comment. His office said he’s out until Oct. 4. The South Carolina Supreme Court’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel declined to comment on the matter Friday. According to online court documents, Gillens was first appointed a magistrate for Orangeburg County in 1985.

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Man charged with DUI after crashing into Highway Patrol cruiser on I-26, deputies say

A man is charged with DUI after authorities said he rear-ended an unoccupied S.C. Highway Patrol cruiser early Sunday on Interstate 26 in Charleston County. Michael William Hazel, 27, of Holly Avenue in Goose Creek, is charged with DUI, second offense. Charleston County sheriff’s deputies said he was driving a Ford F-150 truck that struck the back of a marked cruiser that was stopped on I-26 west near Aviation Avenue shortly before 2 a.m. The trooper was investigating another crash at the time and was not injured. Authorities said Hazel suffered minor injuries and was transported to Medical University Hospital before being booked into jail.

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Man charged with DUI after striking SC trooper’s patrol car, official says

A man has been charged with his second driving under the influence offense after colliding with a South Carolina Highway Patrol trooper’s vehicle, according to Charleston County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Eric Watson. Michael Hazel, 27, was traveling westbound on I-26 near Aviation Avenue shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday when his Ford F150 hit the back of a trooper’s Dodge Charger, Watson said. An image of the SCHP car shows heavy damage to the trunk area. The trooper wasn’t in the car at the time and wasn’t injured, Watson said. Watson said Hazel was hospitalized with a minor injury.

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SC Dept of Public Safety awards Pfc. Intini DUI Officer of the Year

Yesterday, Pfc. Michael Intini received the prestigious South Carolina Department of Public Safety DUI Officer of the Year award during the SCDPS Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs annual awards ceremony and luncheon in Columbia. Officer Intini made 150 DUI arrests in 2016 and is on his way to breaking that record this year. He has received this award in 2015 and 2016 and if his numbers stay on track, he will be nominated for a “Three-peat.”

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Paul Campbell, state senator and Charleston airports chief, arrested on DUI charge

Paulette Caddin-McCrann, mother of Michael a Caddin, addresses the judge during the bond court for Senator Paul Campbell, who did not appear on the video feed Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017. The monitor was operational, court staff said, and showed video of other defendants – but not Campbell.

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South Carolina DUI / DWI Programs

Below is a list of 50 DUI / DWI Assessment Programs in SC. This is a list of all DUI – DWI Offender Program services in SC. Click on a city to see only the DUI / DWI Programs in that city. Click on any listing to get detailed information about the facility.

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September 2017 Charleston

Seminar Refund PolicyMore than 60 days before seminar date = 100% refund. More than 30 days but less than 60 days before seminar date = 75% refund. Less than 30 days before seminar date = 0% refund but seminar fee can be applied to a future DUIDLA seminar.

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Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 01-26-2018

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What To Do If You Get A Holiday DUI

Law enforcement tends to have an increased presence on the roads this time of year, so it’s no surprise that DUI charges are more common around Christmas and New Year’s. Understand sobriety, breath, and blood tests – Familiarize yourself with your state’s policies on sobriety tests. These laws, along with the legal limits for blood alcohol levels, vary from state to state. Contact a DUI lawyer – After you’ve been charged, contact a DUI attorney right away. You’ll need to tell them which sobriety tests you did or did not take. Listen to your lawyer – Throughout the process, you need to listen very carefully to your lawyer. They know the law and have reasons why they want you to take certain actions. A reputable DUI lawyer will advise you on the best route to a good result. DUIs are stressful since they can greatly affect the rest of your life. When you need an experienced DUI lawyer in Walterboro, SC, call The Curry Law Firm. Get the right criminal defense lawyer on your side to increase your chances for success. The Curry Law Firm represents clients in family law, criminal defense, and personal injury cases.

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Charleston, SC DUI and Traffic Violations Lawyer

A DUI arrest or allegation of a serious traffic offense can have an immediate impact on your personal life and career. Whether it is your first offense or you have been arrested for DUI before, it is critical that you know your rights and options. We are committed to aggressively defending your rights so that you may keep your driver’s license and avoid excessive insurance premium increases. Experienced traffic officer guiding you through the legal process. Attorney J. Brooks Davis served the City of Charleston as a traffic officer prior to starting his law practice and is experienced in handling alcohol related and other driving offenses. Brooks was certified by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety in field sobriety testing, breath alcohol testing and the use of radar and other speed detection devices. Brooks is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. If you face a DUI charge or a traffic violation, call J. Brooks Davis, Attorney at Law at 843-225-2255 or contact the firm online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Call DUI Lawyer Cameron Blazer

Whatever the cause of your drunk driving arrest, you need a DUI lawyer who will look at your case from every angle. In almost every case, you are better off, if arrested on suspicion of DUI, refusing to “Blow”-taking the breath test. Even if you do blow above the legal limit, you may not have been impaired while driving-SC law requires the police to video tape you on the scene of your arrest and in the breath test room, regardless of whether you blow. Even if you blow over the legal limit, an experienced DUI lawyer can help. Attorney Cameron Blazer will fight to ensure you are treated fairly. Whether you need to detox and get your life back on track or to fight to a trial against a wrongful arrest, Cameron Blazer will work with you to put your arrest behind you. As soon as you are arrested for driving under the influence, the clock starts ticking on various rights and responsibilities you may have. Afraid to look? Just call or email us, and we’ll do the rest.

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Mothers Against Drunk Driving South Carolina

This story is submitted by Ryan’s mother, Maryellen Bielawa from New York. When Ryan chose to go to Coastal Carolina University it was not a surprise to me. Since he was not a fan of the cold weather, I knew he would enjoy the experience of going to school in the….Read this Victim’s Story >. On January 9, 2016, my birthday, I woke up feeling uneasy and could not shake that feeling. Crosby, my fiancé, and Ms. Smith had planned a surprise outing for me that evening as a birthday gift, Ms. Smith being my best friend and designated driver. When Ms. Smith picked me up I kissed my son….Read this Victim’s Story >. Shared by Diane Stone and Malena Kinsey of Lexington County, SC. This mother and daughter shares with us their Victim Impact Statements read at the sentencing of man who cut their car in two while driving drunk. The drunk driver was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

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South Carolina state senator arrested on charges of DUI, lying to police

Sen. Paul Campbell, is facing charges of drunken driving charge and lying to law officers. A South Carolina legislator is facing charges of drunken driving charge and lying to law officers. Multiple media outlets reported state Sen. Paul Campbell and his wife were charged Saturday night with providing false information to police after Vicki Campbell initially claimed she was driving. The South Carolina Highway Patrol said the Goose Creek Republican was arrested after his car hit another vehicle from behind in congested traffic on Interstate 26. Authorities said the 71-year-old Campbell registered a blood-alcohol level just above the state legal limit of.08 percent. He posted bond of nearly $1,500 and was released Sunday. Campbell has served in the Statehouse for a decade and chairs the Senate’s ethics committee. He also is been chief executive of the authority overseeing operations of the Charleston International Airport.

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Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 01-25-2018

Consequences of a DUI in Charleston, SC

South Carolina state senator arrested overnight for DUI

South Carolina state senator Paul Campbell was arrested for Driving Under the Influence on Saturday night. According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, they were called at about 9:15 p.m. to investigate a two-vehicle collision on I-26 westbound, near mile marker 204, in Berkeley County. During the investigation there was a discrepancy in who was driving the at-fault vehicle at the time of the collision. It was determined after talking with both parties of the crash that the driver was Paul Campbell. Campbell was administered a field sobriety test and, as a result of those tests, was arrested for driving under the influence. Campbell was taken to the Charleston County Detention Center and registered a.09 on the Data Master. He was charged with driving under the influence and providing false information to police. The passenger in Campbell’s car was his wife and she was charged with providing false information to police. Campbell was booked into the Al Cannon Detention Center at 11:46 p.m. Saturday. Campbell represents portions of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. He’s also the CEO of the Charleston International Airport. Upon appearing in bond court Sunday morning, Campbell was issued a $992 bond for the DUI charge and a $465 bond for giving false information to police.

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Senator Paul Campbell DUI: Lowcountry lawmaker charged with drunk driving

Paul G. Campbell, a Republican state Senator from Berkeley County, was arrested Saturday night. According to SCHP, Campbell was driving with a passenger in the car on I-26 when he rear-ended another car. Troopers say Campbell’s blood alcohol level registered as a.09. Campbell was charged with a DUI and providing false information to police. The passenger in Campbell’s car was reportedly his wife, and also charged with providing false information. Jail records show Campbell was booked into the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in Charleston County at 11:46 p.m. Saturday. UPDATE: Senator appears in bond court after arrest – sort of. Campbell represents portions of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties in Senate district 44. As irony would have it, Sen. Campbell has also been outspoken about issues in South Carolina prisons and detention centers. A day before escaped Lieber Correctional inmate Jimmy Causey was captured in July, Campbell said cell phones in state correctional facilities were a big concern. Campbell has also said lawmakers may look into detention officer salaries as a way to address a shortage of prison and jail employees. This past spring it was learned the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center, where Campbell was booked, was looking to fill 80 openings.

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South Carolina DUI Defense

Even if you have failed a breathalyzer test or feel you should plead guilty to a DUI charge, don’t act before consulting a professional Charleston drunk driving lawyer. Being arrested for a DUI is terrifying, but don’t allow yourself to become a victim. You may be pressured by the police, but don’t give in without contacting the professional Charleston DUI lawyers at Seibert Law. The justice system acts fast and you have a very limited window of opportunity to protect yourself from a DUI conviction. Your time- in the form of community service as a part of your DUI sentence. Get the professional DUI Defense you need to protect you or your loved one. Seibert law has a great deal of experience defending countless satisfied clients as their Charleston drunk driving lawyer. We hold the qualifications, experience and knowledge to give you the effective, aggressive DUI defense you need. Our staff has the resources to provide a powerful, DUI defense. Use the DUI attorneys that use all of their resources to pursue a proper investigation into your case. You deserve to have your rights protected and defended by the Charleston DUI Lawyers with a reputation for excellence. A simple phone call to a Charleston dui lawyer can get you the consultation you need to answer your concerns.

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SC Highway Patrol planning holiday DUI checkpoints to curb drunk driving wrecks, deaths

It’s an effort to step up enforcement around the state leading into the holidays. “Last year in 2016, statewide there were 296 fatal collisions that involved impaired drivers,” said Lance Cpl. Matt Southern with the South Carolina Highway Patrol. More than 10,000 people were killed across the U.S. in 2016 specifically from alcohol-related crashes, according to the Department of Transportation. “You have to do the right thing when you’re out there,” Southern said. “We know that senseless tragedies occur when people choose to drink behind the wheel of a car, so what we want to do is prevent those tragedies from occurring.” Drivers will likely see checkpoints around the Lowcountry and throughout the state between now and New Year’s, and a DUI arrest could be costly. “The average first offense DUI charge is $10,000. An Uber or Lyft ride is so much cheaper,” Southern said of the typical combined costs of legal fees and a DUI fine. Drivers are urged to call Star 47 if they spot someone they suspect may be driving under the influence. Twenty-two-thousand South Carolina drivers were arrested for DUI in 2016..

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Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 01-25-2018

Mt. Pleasant SC Complex DUI Defense Attorney Charleston Felony DUI Lawyer South Carolina

What’s the Court Process for a DUI in SC?

So if this is your first DUI offense, keep reading to learn more about the court process for first-time offenders. If you’re facing a second, third or fourth DUI offense, then you’ll go through a slightly different process. After your arrest for suspected DUI, the police officer will ask that you complete a Breathalyzer test or a blood test to determine your blood-alcohol concentration. If you win, your driver’s license will no longer be suspended; however, you’ll still have to go through the DUI court process, which may or may not have a different outcome. If you lose the administrative hearing, your license will continue to be suspended, and you’ll continue with the DUI court process. In the first part of the court process, you’ll go before a judge and plead either guilty or not guilty. There are technical rules regulating how DUI stops should be handled. On your court date, the trial will begin with motions and the selection of the jury. If the jury finds you guilty, then you’ll be convicted of a DUI and sentenced according to the guidelines of the law. Obtaining SR-22 insurance If you’re facing a DUI charge in South Carolina, it’s important that you hire an attorney to fight for your rights. A DUI is much more serious than a regular traffic violation; the consequences can have a lasting impact on your life. Our lawyers have fought many DUI cases and worked with our clients to get the best outcome possible.

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South Carolina Online DUI Classes ADSAP Alcohol & Drug Safety Action Program

Notice: If you are a resident of South Carolina and your DUI occurred in South Carolina, online classes are not accepted. Non-resident offenders and South Carolina residents who received a DUI in another state may be eligible. The majority of first time DUI offenders in South Carolina will be required to attend this 16 hour class. The cost of the online course is only $269.00 and is completely online and can be completed at your own pace. The cost of the online course is only $329.00 and is completely online and can be completed at your own pace. Subsequent DUI offenders will be required to attend this 24 hour class. The cost of the online course is only $379.00 and is completely online and can be completed at your own pace. Below is a list of the higher Levels of online education that are offered. DUI First Offense SC – First offense information including penalties, fines, potential jail time, license suspension, ADSAP classes, and much more. DUI SR22 Filing – We have compiled everything you need to know about South Carolina SR22 insurance and filing requirements including important addresses, phone numbers, etc. DUI Laws SC – Here you will find a comprehensive and detailed explanation of South Carolina DUI laws including all offense levels and penalties. South Carolina Bail Bonds – Comprehensive list of SC bail bond agents including address, phone, website, etc.

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Charleston-Area State Senator arrested for DUI, providing false information

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. – South Carolina Senator Paul Campbell has been arrested for driving under the influence and providing false information to police. According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, the crash happened on Saturday, at 9:15 PM on I-26 near mile marker 204 in Charleston County. Troopers say Campbell’s vehicle rear-ended another car in congested traffic. When SCHP arrived on scene, there was discrepancy about who was driving the at-fault vehicle. The incident report explains Campbell’s wife told authorities she was driving the vehicle. Campbell also told authorities his wife was driving. Through witness interviews, Troopers determined Sen. Campbell was the driver of the car and administered a field sobriety test. The test registered his blood alcohol level at.09%, while the legal limit is.08%. Campbell was arrested for DUI and providing false information to police and booked in the Charleston County Detention Center. Campbell’s wife was also cited for providing false information to police. Campbell is a Berkeley County Republican, representing Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties, and is Chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee. He is also Executive Director and CEO of the Charleston International Airport. Charleston County authorities released the full video to media Monday.

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Campbell charged with DUI; local group calls for his resignation

Local organizations are asking that state Sen. Paul Campbell resign from public office after he was charged with driving under the influence. Campbell, who represents portions of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties, was arrested on Saturday after a vehicle he and his wife were traveling in rear-ended another on Interstate 26. James Johnson, president of civil rights group the National Action Network of South Carolina, called for Campbell to step down from his posts on Monday at a press conference. Johnson referred to former Berkeley County Sheriff Wayne DeWitt when citing Campbell’s incident. “DeWitt voluntarily stepped down,” Johnson said. “We hope that’s the same thing that Campbell will do.” According to The Post and Courier, witnesses say Campbell and his wife switched seats after the incident that occurred near Goose Creek. Johnson referred to the charges as another reason the senator should step down. The Journal Scene contacted Campbell on Monday for comment regarding his arrest. The office of Andy Savage, Campbell’s attorney, also did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication of this story. Savage has also said that he and Campbell will determine “The best path forward.” “I’m as innocent as can be,” Campbell told the newspaper, “And that’s going to come out at trial.”

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Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 01-24-2018

DUI Defense Attorney Charleston SC. DUI Lawyer.

State Sen. Paul Campbell arrested for drunk driving and allegedly lying to police

State senator Paul Campbell was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and “Giving false information to law enforcement” on Saturday night, according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. Campbell, who also serves in the state Senate’s transportation committee, was arrested after South Carolina Highway Patrol authorities responded to a call “After a vehicle was struck in the rear in congested traffic” on I-26 at 9:15 p.m. Authorities said there was “a discrepancy as to who was driving the vehicle at the time of the collision,” presumably leading to the false information charges. The lawmaker was administered a field sobriety test before registering a blood-alcohol level of.09 at the Charleston County Detention Center. Campbell posted $1,457 bond for both charges and was released on Sunday morning, according to Charleston County court records. His wife, Vicki Campbell, was charged with giving false information to law enforcement but was released on the spot Saturday night. Representing senate district 44, including parts of Berkley, Charleston and Dorchester counties, Campbell is a Republican first elected in a special election in 2007. He serves in a special panel tasked with examining the V.C. Summer plant debacle and had his contract as CEO of Charleston International – the state’s busiest airport – extended for two years in June, according to The Post & Courier. That job nets him $225,000 annually, way beyond his state senate salary of $10,400.

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S.C. Senator Paul Campbell arrested, charged with DUI in Charleston County

Paul G. Campbell, a Republican state Senator from Berkeley County, has been arrested for driving under the influence, jail records show. Campbell, 71, was arrested and charged with DUI Saturday night by S.C. Highway Patrol, according to jail booking information. ABC News 4 is working to verify details regarding the circumstances leading to the Goose Creek lawmaker’s arrest. A source close to the situation says Campbell was involved in a collision on Interstate 26 near the 203 mile marker westbound around 10 p.m. Saturday. Campbell was arrested afterward, according to the source. Jail records show Campbell was booked into the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center in Charleston County at 11:46 p.m. Saturday. The jail website also shows he is charged with providing false information to law enforcement officers. Campbell represents portions of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties in Senate district 44. As irony would have it, Sen. Campbell has also been outspoken about issues in South Carolina prisons and detention centers. A day before escaped Lieber Correctional inmate Jimmy Causey was captured in July, Campbell said cell phones in state correctional facilities were a big concern. Campbell has also said lawmakers may look into detention officer salaries as a way to address a shortage of prison and jail employees. This past spring it was learned the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center, where Campbell was booked, was looking to fill 80 openings.

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WTAT-TV/DT » Senator Paul Campbell Charged with DUI, Says He is Innocent

CHARLESTON, SC – “You’ll have to wait until it comes out in court.” Those are the words spoken by a Lowcountry senator after he was released from a Charleston County jail Sunday morning. According to South Carolina Highway Patrol, the republican senator from Berkeley County was arrested after driving with a.09 blood alcohol level – just over the legal limit – when he rear-ended a young woman’s jeep along I-26. Officials also say Senator Paul Campbell was charged with giving false information to police. The woman driving that jeep said Campbell switched seats with his wife right after the crash, leaving discrepancies about who was actually driving the car. “I was on my way home, an innocent bystander, him and his wife swapped seats,” said the victim. “I think I was more stunned that he hit me and then they swapped seats.” Senator Campbell spoke to us briefly but left after giving a few short answers upon his release from jail Sunday morning. “You said you were not driving drunk,” asked FOX 24’s Angela Brown. When asked what exactly happened, Campbell responded with “Wait until it comes out in court. But I wasn’t driving, okay?”. We never actually saw Senator Campbell’s face in court. Usually suspects appear via video monitoring, but that did not happen during Campbell’s bond hearing on Sunday – and the system appeared to be working just fine for other suspects. Troopers say Campbell had a blood alcohol level of 0.09.

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John Price Law Firm

Did you know that nearly 30 people die every day in auto accidents involving drunk drivers? According to the CDC, such crashes cost the country more than $51 billion each year. In South Carolina specifically, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in only one year, 315 individuals were killed in traffic accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. If you or someone you love was one of this year’s DUI accident victims, turn to John Price Law Firm, LLC. We provide compassionate yet appropriately aggressive representation to injured individuals throughout South Carolina. Victims of drunk driving accidents may be eligible for several different types of compensation. Compensatory damages are available to cover lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of companionship and other losses. Punitive damages, on the other hand, may be awarded to the victim in addition to compensatory damages. In South Carolina, there is a $500,000 cap on most punitive damages. In drunk driving cases, this cap does not apply. Founding attorney John Price is a former state prosecutor who has prosecuted numerous drunk drivers and habitual traffic offenders. Now, he puts his 25-plus years of trial experience to work for DUI accident victims. Instead of placing DUI offenders behind bars, he now fights for the money victims need to recover and move forward with life. Contact John Price Law Firm, LLC, to arrange a free initial consultation.

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Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 01-24-2018

Charleston DUI Lawyer, “DUI? It could happen to you” – Edward L. Phipps – Mount Pleasant

State senator, airport CEO Campbell charged with DUI, lying to police > Charleston Business Journal

The arresting officer reported that Vicki Campbell said she did not stop in time and struck Caddin’s Jeep from behind. State Sen. Paul Campbell said that he had not been driving at the time of the accident but that he did get out of the car to check on Caddin. The officer reported a strong smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle and slurred speech from Campbell, according to the report. State Sen. Paul Campbell, CEO of the Charleston County Aviation Authority, was arrested Saturday on charges of drunken driving and providing false information to the police, according to the S.C. Highway Patrol. Campbell’s vehicle rear-ended another vehicle around 9:15 p.m. in congested traffic near mile marker 204 of Interstate 26 westbound in Charleston County, the highway patrol said. The highway patrol reported that there was a discrepancy initially about who was driving Campbell’s vehicle but that the officer, after speaking to both parties involved in the crash, determined Campbell had been the driver. After giving Campbell a field sobriety test, the officer arrested him and charged him with driving under the influence and providing false information to police. Campbell’s wife, Vicki Campbell, also was charged with providing false information to police. Campbell declined to comment on the incident except to say that the trial will be in January and he expects to be cleared. Campbell took the reins at the aviation authority in 2013, while still serving as a state senator. The authority declined to comment on the incident or whether it will affect Campbell’s position at the airport. Charleston defense attorney Andy Savage appeared in court for Campbell on Sunday, according to The Post and Courier.

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State Senator Arrested For DUI, Lying To Police – FITSNews

Fiscally liberal South Carolina State Senator Paul Campbell has been charged with driving under the influence and providing false information to law enforcement officers following an incident on a Lowcountry interstate this weekend. Campbell – who double-dips as director of the Charleston International Airport – was reportedly involved in a collision on Interstate 26 near Ladson, S.C. late Saturday evening. The collision reportedly took place sometime after 9:00 p.m. EDT. Campbell, 71, was arrested shortly thereafter by the S.C. Highway Patrol and booked at the Sheriff Al Cannon detention center in Charleston, S.C. shortly before midnight on Saturday. News of Campbell’s arrest was exclusively reported by WCIV TV 4. He is currently the chairman of the Senate’s ethics committee, and is one of the lawmakers appointed by liberal Senate leader Hugh Leatherman to “Investigate” the recent #NukeGate debacle. Campbell has missed several of these hearings as we noted in this extensive report. “Couldn’t happen to a better person,” one Lowcountry politico told us, referring to Campbell’s arrest. “He is one of the most corrupt.” Campbell never should have been appointed to his $225,000-a-year airport gig, and it’s been no surprise to us that his tenure there has been marked by allegations of corruption. Meanwhile as a lawmaker, Campbell has been instrumental in helping liberal leaders like Leatherman advance their big government machinations. Having said that, we’re not going to celebrate Campbell’s misfortune, either. UPDATE: Details are emerging and they’re not good for Campbell.

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SC Sen. Paul Campbell charged with DUI in Lowcountry wreck

A South Carolina lawmaker – and chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee – is accused of lying to police after rear-ending a car in the Lowcountry, allegedly while under the influence, according to authorities. Sen. Paul Campbell, 71, of Goose Creek, was charged with DUI and providing false information to police, according to Charleston County jail records. “The charges are one thing; let’s see what comes out in court,” Campbell told The State newspaper when reached by a reporter Sunday. Troopers eventually determined that Campbell was driving the 2017 Mercedes SUV, Collins said. After Campbell failed field sobriety tests, he was charged with DUI and providing false information to police. Campbell provided a breath sample that yielded a.09 percent blood-alcohol content, Collins said. Campbell’s wife Vicki, who was the passenger in the car, also was charged with providing false information to police, Collins said. Campbell, who has represented Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties in the S.C. Senate since 2007, chairs the Senate Ethics Committee. Savage represented Michael Slager, a white former North Charleston police officer who fatally shot a black motorist named Walter Scott in April 2015. Campbell was released from jail late Sunday morning on personal recognizance, according to online court records. Providing false information to police is a misdemeanor that carries up to 30 days in jail or a $200 fine, under South Carolina law. First-time DUI offenders face a misdemeanor charge and a maximum 30-day jail sentence, as well as a fine and court costs.

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South Carolina DUI Laws

From Myrtle Beach to Charleston, Columbia to Greenville, drinking alcohol or taking illegal drugs and driving is a crime in South Carolina. The law surrounding a South Carolina driving under the influence crime is actually broken down into two, separate crimes: a DUI and a Driving with Unlawful Alcohol Concentration. “If you’ve been drinking alcohol, the alcohol goes into your bloodstream and is able to be measured by law enforcement through a blood or breath test. If your blood alcohol concentration is 0.08 percent or more at the time of driving, you will be in violation of the law. This is true even if you don’t feel”drunk” or “intoxicated. To be clear, this charge doesn’t involve driving while using drugs, strictly alcohol use. If you’ve been arrested and convicted of a DUI in the past, you’ll want to be aware of this rule. Simply put, if you’ve been convicted of a South Carolina DUI in the past 10 years, the prosecution will “Lookback” at your past DUI criminal history and elevate any DUI crimes charged against you. It will also be used by the sentencing judge at the time he or she is rendering a sentencing against you and may involve a higher fine, longer jail sentence, and possible installation of an ignition interlock device. If you’re interested in learning more about your DUI claim, you can fortunately do so free of charge. A great first step in finding the right attorney and pursuing your claim is to contact a DUI attorney for a free case review. That way, you’ll know more about your case and be better prepared to make crucial decisions going forward.

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Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 01-23-2018

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South Carolina DUI & DWI Laws & Enforcement

South Carolina DUI & DWI. Drinking and driving is a serious and dangerous offense in South Carolina. If you are arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, you will face criminal penalties in court and administrative penalties with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. In South Carolina, it is illegal to drive a vehicle if your blood-alcohol concentration is 0.08% or higher. DUI or Refusing a Chemical Test Penalties in SC. The penalties for a DUI/DWI in South Carolina will vary depending on the severity of your offense and the number of times you’ve committed a DUI in the past 10 years. If you drink and drive you will face both criminal penalties in court and administrative penalties with the South Carolina DMV. It is also important to remember that South Carolina has an “Implied Consent” law. This law basically states that if you drive in the state of South Carolina you agree to take a chemical test of asked to do so by a law enforcement official. Administrative penalties are civil penalties and are in addition to, and separate from, criminal penalties. In addition to criminal court penalties, you will face the following penalties with the South Carolina DMV:. 1st offense: Driver’s license suspension for 3 months. Criminal Penalties Criminal penalties for DUI or refusing a chemical test are high in South Carolina. Again, these penalties will be in addition to any administrative penalties. The following are the minimum criminal penalties you may face in court for a DUI with a BAC of under 0.16%*:For a 1st offense, you may face: A fine of $400. Minimum 48 hours in jail. After satisfying the South Carolina court requirements and criminal penalties for a DUI/alcohol-related offense, you’ll need to reinstate your driver’s license with the South Carolina DMV once your suspension period is over.

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Ignition Interlock

This law set the parameters for developing the Ignition Interlock Device Program requiring the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Service to administer the program. The IID Program was developed in coordination with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles and the South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services. SCDPPPS administers the program and monitors all active participants. Requiring DUI first offenders with a Breath Alcohol Content of.15 or greater to complete the program. Removed the option of non-participation in the IID Program; requiring completion of the program before obtaining a non-restrictive license. Provides stiff penalties for driving a vehicle without the IID. In May, 2015, the General Assembly further amended the law. Tamper with the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device installed in their vehicles in order to prevent the BAIID’s proper operation, or to obscure or cover the lens of the camera attached to the BAIID. Allow a third party who is not driving the car to blow into the BAIID on their behalf in order to start the vehicle or to conduct a running retest. The program participants are required to have their breath alcohol ignition interlock devices inspected and the data downloaded at least every 60 days by the service center providers. Such drivers who decide to enroll in the IID Program must complete the full term required by the Program. Drivers with an offense date on or after October 1, 2014 will not have the option of getting their driver’s license until successful completion of the IID Program. If your license was suspended because of an alcohol-related offense, you may be eligible to participate in the IID Program. Ignition Interlock Driver Educational VideoThis video provides additional information for drivers who are enrolled in the South Carolina Ignition Interlock Program.

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Driver Sues SC Senate Ethics Chair Arrested for DUI

The chairman of the South Carolina Senate Ethics Committee who was arrested for driving under the influence and lying to police is now being sued by the 21-year-old woman he is accused of rear-ending on the interstate. Paul Campbell, 71, a Republican state senator who is also CEO of Charleston International Airport, ran into the rear of Michaela Caddin’s Jeep in congested traffic on Interstate 26 in North Charleston around 9:15 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 4, according to a lawsuit she filed Monday in the Charleston County Court of Common Pleas. Caddin, represented by Charleston attorneys Matthew Yelverton and D. Scott Drescher, claims Campbell had been drinking alcohol at Charleston City Marina prior to the incident. Campbell allegedly pulled his 2017 Mercedes in front of her vehicle and then switched seats with his wife. Caddin claims he attempted to convince her to leave the scene of the accident by exiting to the next off ramp and, after giving her his business card, Campbell asked how she wanted to handle the situation. Police said there was a discrepancy between the two parties as to who was in control of Campbell’s vehicle. After failing a field sobriety test, Campbell was charged with DUI and providing false information to police. Campbell was booked in Al Cannon Detention Center and was found to have a blood-alcohol level of.09 percent. Anything over.08 percent is impaired driving in South Carolina. Since the charges are both misdemeanors, Campbell will not be automatically removed from his South Carolina State Senate seat. He represents Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester Counties, which make up District 44. Phone calls to Campbell’s office and the South Carolina State Senate were not immediately returned Tuesday.

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Jay McMillian

First, it must be determined if the negligent party owed you a duty of care. Second, did the negligent party breach the duty of care owed to you the victim. Finally, that the breach of the duty of care by the drunk driver is the cause of your injuries. The sad truth about accidents involving drunk drivers is that, statistically, they tend to have a higher proportion of serious injuries and / or death than the average “Run of the mill” car accident. In recognition of the seriousness of drunk driving, South Carolina law provides an additional source of recovery for victims who are hit by a drunk driver. The McMillian Law Firm is known for compassionate and effective legal representation. Call us now at 900-1306 or use the online form to schedule your free no-obligation case evaluation today. WHAT ARE PUNITIVE DAMAGES AND HOW MUCH DOES IT PAY TO DUI VICTIMS. South Carolina law(3 states that an award on punitive damages “Shall” not be capped when “The defendant acted or failed to act while under the influence of alcohol”. Translation … that you or a loved one who is injured by a drunk driver can seek damages beyond those ordinarily available in a car accident as a mechanism to punish the drunk driver’s reckless and wanton acts. THE MCMILLIAN LAW FIRM – CHARLESTON, SC AND SUMMERVILLE, SC DUI VICTIMS ATTORNEY. As a Personal Injury lawyer in my solo practice, I will take all necessary steps to protect your rights and work to secure compensation for your injuries as a victim of a drunk driver. Being a small firm allows you to have direct access to your lawyer during this entire process, with open lines of communication as we work together towards a viable solution to your specific case. If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver in Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, James Island, West Ashley, Goose Creek, Moncks Corner, North Charleston, or any of the other fine communities of the Low Country, and need to meet with an experienced DUI victims lawyer, please contact me to set up your free case evaluation today.

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Boozed-up senator struggles to stay upright during sobriety test

A South Carolina state senator struggled to stay upright during a sobriety test and worried aloud about losing his job after a car crash, according to new dashcam videos taken during his DUI arrest. Republican Paul Campbell, 71, claims his wife Vicki Campbell was behind the wheel on Saturday when their car rear-ended 21-year-old Michaela Caddin’s vehicle on Interstate 26. Caddin said she watched the politician get out of the car and switch seats with his wife after the crash, the Post and Courier reported. After a state trooper arrived at the scene of the crash and asked Campbell to step out for sobriety tests, the lawmaker acknowledged he wasn’t doing particularly well. Sen. Rand Paul attacked by neighbor while mowing lawn at home. In the video taken from the patrol car, Campbell can be seen struggling to stay upright as the trooper asks him to walk in a straight line. The politician said in addition to being diabetic, one of his legs is shorter than the other. Campbell was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and his blood-alcohol concentration clocked in at 0.09% – just over the legal limit of 0.08%. While Campbell sat handcuffed in the patrol car, he said, “This may cost me my job. You know that, I guess.” He also told the trooper about his role as chief executive of the Charleston airport, adding, “Of course, I may not be after this.” Campbell later complained about the handcuffs and said, “This is not fun. This kinda sucks. I’m going to change the law on this.I’m not DUI. I wasn’t driving the car anyway.” Caddin issued a statement after the crash, telling reporters, “I was shocked when I heard the story he told the media. I was afraid when I heard a man entrusted with so much power say something that was so different from what I saw happen.” Send a Letter to the Editor Join the Conversation: facebook Tweet.

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Can I Get a Temporary or Restricted Driver’s License After a DUI in SC?

These are all questions that have probably never crossed your mind before the DUI. What happens next, including how long your license will be suspended, depends on your blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest and number of DUI offenses you’ve incurred over the look-back period. For a first offense, your driver’s license may be suspended for up to 6 months. You may be eligible for a temporary or restricted driver’s license after a DUI in SC. In Charleston, a police officer can confiscate your driver’s license if you’ve been pulled over for a possible DUI and. In either case, you will be issued a blue notice of suspension form at the testing site, which means you have 30 days to request a hearing with the Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings. If you’ve been charged with a DUI in Charleston, SC, you can apply for a temporary alcohol restricted driver’s license. If you’re hoping to be granted a temporary alcohol restricted license, be sure to schedule your hearing right away. Reinstatement fee of $100 to the DMV. Demonstrate you have a hearing scheduled by showing your paperwork with the administrative hearing details. For a faster notice of hearing, include your email address on your notice of suspension form. The filing fee to request an administrative hearing for a DUI charge in Charleston, SC is $200. Although some older forms may incorrectly state the fee as only $150. To avoid any possible conflict with the Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings it is advisable to pay the full $200. Usually a bank check or money order is required. If the suspension is not upheld, your regular driver’s license will be returned to you. If the hearing results in a formal conviction, once your notice of suspension has been received, your temporary alcohol restricted license will no longer be valid. If you are currently employed or attending college, you could be eligible for a special restricted license.

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SC DUAC Laws, Penalties, and License Suspension Information

ISSUE TWO: The South Carolina Criminal Case: Separate from the implied consent suspension is the criminal charge for DUI and / or driving with unlawful alcohol concentration. SOUTH CAROLINA IMPLIED CONSENT LICENSE SUSPENSION CHART(for persons 21 years and older) INCIDENT BAC 0.14% or less BAC 0.15% or more REFUSAL TO SUBMIT No priors in past 10 years None 1 month 6 months 1 prior in past 10 years None 2 months 9 months 2 priors in past 10 years None 3 months 12 months 3 priors in past 10 years None 4 months 15 months. Talk to your South Carolina DUI attorney for possible suspension lengths for your situation. SOUTH CAROLINA DUI / DUAC CONVICTION DRIVER LICENSE SUSPENSION CHART FIRST OFFENSE(w/in past 10 years) Six Month Suspension SECOND OFFENSE(w/in past 10 years) One Year Suspension THIRD OFFENSE(w/in past 10 years) Two to Four Year Suspension₁ FOURTH OR SUBSEQUENT OFFENSE(w/in past 10 years) Permanent Revocation Note 1: If the third conviction occurs within five years from the date of the first offense, then the suspension length is four years. Speak to your South Carolina DUI lawyer about whether you qualify and how to apply for a provisional driver license. Of course, South Carolina law also refers to driving with unlawful alcohol concentration or DUAC. Is a DUI / DUAC in South Carolina a misdemeanor or felony charge? Upon conviction of an South Carolina DUI DUAC offense, a defendant can receive a variety of penalties including a period of probation and enrolling in and successfully completing an Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program certified by the Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services. South Carolina and 44 other states and the District of Columbia have adopted an agreement known as the “Driver License Compact.” South Carolina will report a DUI / DUAC conviction to the home state of the driver. If you are a South Carolina licensed driver and you are convicted of a DUI charge in another state, South Carolina will suspend your license if it learns of the conviction. South Carolina law requires the installation of an IID for a second or subsequent DUI / DUAC conviction. The FAA has special reporting requirements for certain Motor Vehicle Actions including South Carolina DUI / DUAC convictions and certain implied consent suspensions. You have a constitutional right to represent yourself on any criminal charge no matter how serious including an South Carolina DUI / DUAC charge.

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Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program

Because thousands of South Carolinians are killed or injured in alcohol or other drug related traffic accidents each year, South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program works with offenders to reduce risk and improve safety on SC roads and highways. SC ADSAP services are certified by the SC Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services and are available in each of the state’s 46 counties. Open enrollment for SC ADSAP at the Dorchester Alcohol & Drug Commission is held on Monday and Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. Please make arrangements to be here for 3 hours. Must I enroll in SC ADSAP if I am convicted of driving under the influence or Administrative License Revocation? Yes, in order to reinstate your driver’s license you must enroll within 30 days and successfully complete SC ADSAP. 2. What happens if I don’t complete SC ADSAP? The SC DMV will not consider reinstating your driver’s license. What is involved in SC ADSAP? Upon your enrollment, you will expected to participate in an evaluation to determine problems that most likely contributed to your DUI. You will work with a clinician to develop goals and participate in education and/or treatment. Successful completion of SC ADSAP is based on whether you have reduced your risk of committing another DUI. 5. The cost for educational services provided through ADSAP is $500. However, fees for any treatment services required by the program vary and can cost up to $2000. First-time offenders who do not obtain a provisional driver’s license and subsequent DUI offenders may not drive during their suspension period and must pay a relicensing fee to the DMV. 8. You may finish services in another state: please refer to Interstate Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program Please note that a provisional driver’s license is no longer valid when you move out of state. What happens if I am convicted of DUI in SC but have an out-of-state driver’s license? Many states require you to complete SC’s DUI program prior to being relicensed. May I obtain a provisional driver’s license if I have an out-of-state driver’s license? You may be eligible for a SC provisional permit if you enroll in SC ADSAP, meet the provisional driver’s license requirements and maintain a valid out-of-state license.

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S.C. Worst In Nation For Percentage of Drunk Driving Deaths

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Palmetto State is the worst in the nation in regard to the percentage of traffic deaths involving drunk driving. By comparison, 29 percent of traffic fatalities in North Carolina in 2013 were attributed to drunk driving. In Georgia, 25 percent of traffic deaths involved drunk driving. Steven Burritt, program director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving South Carolina, says he is not completely sure why drunk driving rates remain so high in the state. “Systematically, in terms of laws and policies, there are certainly some things we could do better. By and large, my experience is that the law enforcement [officers] we have are very attentive to doing as much as they can with the resources available to do high-visibility enforcement, which we know drives down deaths. But certainly we know that their funding levels are not what they once were. We don’t have a fully staffed Highway Patrol. More resources for enforcement would certainly help.” While the percentage of deaths connected to drunk driving is troublesome, South Carolina Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Sherri Iacobelli points out that the trend is moving in the right direction. Drunk driving deaths in South Carolina have decreased by nearly 28 percent since 2007, she says. Still, Iacobelli says, drunk driving remains a priority for the South Carolina Highway Patrol. In 2014, the General Assembly enacted Emma’s Law, which could have a positive impact on the state’s drunk driving statistics in years to come. While South Carolina’s DUI stats trouble him, Burritt says he can envision a future where there is virtually no drunk driving. “The day is going to come, sooner than people think, where we will have no drunk driving,” Burritt says. “We are pushing for vehicle technology in the future that will not allow a drunk driver to operate a vehicle, even without having to do anything proactive, like blowing in a tube. It would sense their skin on the wheel or sense the air coming out of them when they sit down in the driver’s seat. That technology is coming along at a really nice pace. There should be prototypes on the road in the next couple years.”

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Can I Buy Clomid Online

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Proof of Impaired Driving Typically, prosecutors prove a DUI by showing, among other things: the driver had observable signs of intoxication such as slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, strong odor of alcohol, staggering, or swaying; the driver failed field sobriety tests; or the driver could not maintain control of the vehicle. A driver can’t be prosecuted for a DUAC if the driver was stopped at a traffic road block or driver’s license check point. 7 Underage Drinking and Driving – Zero Tolerance If the driver is under 21 and law enforcement suspects the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then the arresting officer can charge the driver under South Carolina’s “Zero Tolerance” law. In most cases, there are two parts to a DUI: the Administrative Suspension of your driver’s license under “Implied Consent” laws and the criminal prosecution of your DUI. The Implied Consent Hearing Separate from dealing with the DUI charge, the driver may have an immediate license suspension because the driver either refused to submit a breath sample or gave a sample of 0.15% blood alcohol content or higher. If a South Carolina driver receives two reckless driving convictions in a 5-year span, that driver will receive a 90-day suspension of his driving privileges. 25 S ECTION 5 Habitual Offender offenses resulting in someone’s death; driving under the influence; driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration; reckless driving; driving under suspension; motor vehicle law felonies; and leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death or injury. 40 the driver may apply for a special restricted driver’s license if the driver is employed or enrolled in a college or university. RECKLESS DRIVING PENALTY Some DUI’s end up with the person pleading guilty to reckless driving in exchange for a dismissal of the DUI. The fine for reckless driving is $445 and will likely cause your insurance rates to increase. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO USE THE IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE? The driver must pay for the cost of the device’s installation, maintenance, and monitoring, but the driver may qualify to have the State pay for it if the driver qualifies as “Indigent” depending on the driver’s income, assets, debts, number of dependents, and living situation. Proof of Felony DUI For a DUI case, the prosecution must prove that a person drove while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both, “To the extent that the person’s faculties to drive a motor vehicle are materially and appreciably impaired.” For a felony DUI, the prosecution must prove: a person was driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both; while driving the person did “Any act forbidden by law or neglects any duty imposed by law in the driving of the motor vehicle;” and the act or neglect caused great bodily injury or death to a person other than the driver. The law says you 51 C HAPTER 6 Commercial Driver’s License We know that the inability to drive for any length of time can ruin a commercial driver’s finances whether you’re from South Carolina or you have a CDL from another state. Disqualification of CDL in South Carolina for Alcohol-Related Offenses Other Violations That May Disqualify a CDL in South Carolina South Carolina drivers who possess a Commercial Driver’s License and who face a DUI or other violations are affected differently, and more severely, than noncommercial drivers.

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