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Charleston, SC no DUI charge in death of police officer

A DUI charge against a South Carolina woman involved in a fatal collision with an off-duty police officer was dropped Thursday, according to multiple reports. Whitney Danielle Brooks, 29, had been charged with felony DUI following a Feb. 15 collision with North Charleston police officer Ryan MacCluen, who was killed as a result of the crash. Blood tests for drugs and alcohol came back negative, and 1st Circuit Assistant Solicitor Don Sorenson said the charge against Brooks was dropped, reported. The Burke High School teacher, who was the school’s teacher of the year in 2016, registered a blood-alcohol content of 0.00 when given a breath analysis test for alcohol following the wreck, reported. A South Carolina Highway Patrol officer arrested Brooks, saying she had red glassy eyes, dry mouth, slow speech, delayed response and and an odor of alcohol was coming from her. 

That caused her to fail several portions of a field sobriety test. Authorities said the collision occurred shortly after 9:30 p.m. Brooks was driving a Toyota and turned into the path of MacCluen’s motorcycle, according to Although he was wearing a helmet, MacCluen died less than an hour after the crash. Brooks attorney, Henry Schlein, told she is relieved about the charges being dropped. 

He didn’t provide an update on her status at Burke High School, which placed her on administrative leave from teaching math following the fatal collision. Although the fatal DUI charge was dropped, the S.C. Highway Patrol said the collision remains under investigation. 

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Scott E. Kegel Law Offices

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you need a qualified and experienced Charleston DUI lawyer in your corner to make sure your rights are protected. You also need a lawyer with a thorough knowledge of the complexities of DUI law in South Carolina to fight for you. At Scott E. Kegel Law Offices, we incorporate an aggressive approach to legal defense and have helped numerous DUI clients keep their freedom and driver’s licenses. South Carolina law prefers the use of the term DUI, as opposed to DWI. 

However, both are used on this page for the sake of clarity. If you need strong legal representation contact a Charleston DWI lawyer from the Law Offices of Scott E Kegel now using the contact form provided on this website, or give us a call now at 270-1005. Charleston DUI Lawyer – Charleston DWI Lawyer A Charleston DUI conviction incurs mandatory penalties that could affect your life in countless ways. Contact a Charleston DUI lawyer from our law office and make sure your legal rights are protected. Being arrested for a DUI in Charleston is not only embarrassing, it could lead to jail time, expensive fines, and the loss of your driving privileges. 

The penalties for a DUI conviction in Charleston are swift and severe, so you need to take steps to mitigate the damage in whatever way the law allows. Your first step should be to speak with a qualified Charleston DUI lawyer and find out what your options are. In these situations it is vital that you speak with an experienced Charleston DUI lawyer from our law office without delay. We offer a free consultation with one of our Charleston DUI lawyers, so you can start getting answers today. 

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DUI Lawyer Charleston SC

Unless you’re comfortable fighting a war alone against trained prosecutors and law enforcement with all of the power and resources of the State behind them, you need a DUI attorney in Charleston or North Charleston. Do not hire an inexperienced attorney for your DUI case. A real estate attorney who does not regularly defend DUI cases is probably not going to have the experience and skill needed to effectively represent a DUI defendant. DUI defense is one of the more complex areas of criminal law in South Carolina, and attorneys will only become proficient in DUI defense through constant study and trial practice. You need a DUI defense lawyer who is familiar with the huge volume of statutes, caselaw, and regulations that make up SC DUI laws. 

You need a Charleston DUI lawyer who knows how to use that knowledge to get your case dismissed or to win your case at trial. A DUI conviction requires the state to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that 1) you were driving, 2) while intoxicated, 3) to the extent that it materially and substantially impacted your ability to drive. A DUI arrest only requires probable cause that you were driving under the influence. If a Charleston police officer feels that there is enough evidence of intoxication, they will take you to jail. A Charleston DUI case usually begins with a traffic stop. 

When people are facing DUI charges they want a local DUI Lawyer in Charleston who is familiar with local procedures, courts, prosecutors, and police. They want an experienced DUI defense attorney who can maximize their chances of getting their case dismissed or winning it at trial. 

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