Charleston DUI Lawyer News for 08-08-2018

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DUI Law Services Charleston, SC 29403

The time following an arrest for DUI is frightening and disorienting. After long hours in jail, you are suddenly facing steep fines and penalties that include the revocation of your driver’s license and even further jail time. When you find yourself in these overwhelming circumstances, it’s time to call Harris And Huge, LLC as soon as possible. We’re the DUI lawyer in Charleston, SC, with the experience you can trust. A DUI is a serious charge, but competent legal representation can sometimes mean the difference between a conviction and reduced or dropped charges. 

It’s important that you understand the charges against you when you are arrested for DUI. Depending on the specific facts of your case, you may be facing different mandatory sentencing minimums. Your total number of DUI arrests is a major factor in determining how your case will proceed. When you consult with one of our DUI attorneys, we will thoroughly review the facts of your case and give you our honest legal counsel on how we should approach your defense. Give yourself the best chance for a more favorable outcome by letting us provide your representation. 

A good DUI defense attorney knows how to review the details and technicalities of your case. When you’re looking for an experienced and aggressive DUI Lawyer, contact us. We proudly represent clients in Charleston, SC.. 

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1 killed in Lexington County SC DUI crash June 23, 2018

A Columbia man was killed in a DUI-related crash this weekend, according to the Lexington County Coroner’s Office. The crash happened around 9 p.m. Saturday on U.S. 178 near Forts Pond Road in Pelion, Coroner Margaret Fisher said in a release Sunday night. Robert Andrew Mays, 40, of Columbia, died at an area hospital earlier Sunday. Mays was the passenger in a vehicle that was traveling east on U.S. 178 when the driver tried to pass another car, swerved back into the right lane and lost control of the car, Fisher said. 

The vehicle exited the right side of the roadway, hit a ditch and overturned several times. The driver, who was under the influence, had non-life threatening injuries. It is unknown if Mays or the driver were wearing seat belts, Fisher said. The release did not indicate what the driver was allegedly under the influence of or the level of impairment. Additional details about the crash, including the driver’s identity and charges they are facing, have not yet been released by the S.C. 

Highway Patrol. This was the second fatal collision in Lexington County this weekend. A 19-year-old bicyclist was killed Friday night in a hit-and-run in the Red Bank area. 

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Diane Diekman » Blog Archive » Profile of Faron Young

From a teenager who cleaned fishing boats and sold manure for fertilizer, Faron Young rose rapidly to the top of the country music charts. Faron Young, the son of penniless dairy farmers, grew up near Shreveport, Louisiana. Faron spent his Army hitch entertaining the troops and continuing to record for Capitol Records. Faron acquired a reputation for helping newcomers in the business. Another time, while shooting pool with a stranger, Faron poked the man’s misshapen stomach with his pool stick. 

Upon learning the stranger couldn’t afford the operation, Faron pulled out a roll of $100 bills and peeled off enough bills to cover the cost. A piano player who had no money to get home for a funeral asked to borrow $50. Faron gave him $500 and later refused to accept repayment. A fiddle player needed a operation, and Faron gave him $1000, then got the Grand Ole Opry trust fund to pay the hospital bill. After a car wreck, Faron was hospitalized with his jaw wired shut. 

The Deputies said they experienced everything they did because they loved Faron. Faron refused to work out a divorce settlement to avoid going to court. His friends and acquaintances knew they could always expect the unexpected from Faron Young. 

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